Our Products

Exactta Global SIM

If you travel often and visit many countries at a time,
the Exactta Global SIM will set you free. With just one
SIM card you can talk, text and surf in over 180 countries
around the world without worrying about roaming charges.


Arrive to your destination and live like a local.
Talk and surf knowing you have one of the most
competitive local SIM cards in your country of travel,
offering local calling and data plans.

MySIM International

Let go of the fear of international calling.
Bundle plans give you local SIM cards with
low cost international minutes.

MySIM Rental

Why pay more when you can pay less.
Enjoy the most competitive pricing when talking
or surfing by renting a local SIM card rentals
short stays.


Don’t limit your connectivity while traveling.
By renting a Hotspot you can connect up
to five wireless devices and surf with no limits.

MyTravel Calling Card

If you have a secure land line and don’t need an international
SIM, stick to the basics and make international calls
with the MyTravel calling card.